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Growing Well - Counselling & Psychotherapy

Dannie Rosenhammer, Integrative Counsellor & Trauma Therapist

MA & Dip. Counselling, MBACP,
Accredited EMDR Practitioner




Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Walk beside me that we may be as one.
(Ute proverb)

How to get through this - not just alive but well

It is a beautiful time of year, and yet many of us are struggling with the drastic and sudden changes to our lifestyle over recent weeks. While some have welcomed the slower pace of life, others are feeling increasingly isolated or struggle with not getting enough exercise or losing their routine. Low mood, sleep disturbance and emotional eating are just some of the ways this can manifest. As the lockdown continues for at least 3 more weeks, these problems aren't getting any easier.

Maybe the best we can do, even if we are among the ones finding this very hard and demoralising, is to take it as an opportunity to look inside ourselves and address issues that may have been there a long time, but have been pushed down and put off due to the dem
ands of career, family or simply a hectic everyday life.

Consultation roomRemote counselling / psychotherapy can be fitted in when it suits you and can be a place of emotional support and self-care as well as reflection on what's important. This can help you make sure that when we come out of this, you will have the clarity and confidence to do the things that matter to you in life.



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